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I'm sure you've heard of all of the things you need to do, in order to buy a house, but.... have you ever heard about what not to do?


Here are some tips about what NOT to do if you are thinking about buying a house within the next year:


1. Don't make a major purchase. This will change your credit score and possibly disqualify you from a mortgage.

2. Don't change jobs unless it's absolutely necessary. A consistent work history is crucial to lenders.

3. Don't give earnest money directly to a For Sale By Owner seller.

4. Don't forget to switch utilities. Call the utility companies as soon as you have a contract.

5. Don't forget to get Hazard Insurance as long before closing as possible.

6. Don't ignore lender requirements. Be absolutely clear on what the lender requires and take care of it.

7. Don't go it alone. A reliable real estate professional will help you with all the details, including the ones you didn't think of.