Family Activities For Being Snowed In

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The Best Family Activities for Being Snowed In


With the weekend’s forecast showing  a possible 4 inches of snow, we’ve compiled a list of things for you to do while snowed in.


1. Crockpot Hot Chocolate

There’s nothing better than a nice mug full of hot chocolate on a cold snowy day. When it looks like the cold weather is here to stay, what’s even better is a crockpot full of hot chocolate. You won’t have to worry about the kids trying to reach the microwave without spilling their drinks, as it will stay hot for hours with the crockpot left on low. It’s perfect for when they come in from playing in the snow!


This recipe will make 6-8 servings and can be doubled if you wish to make more!

You will need:

1 ½ Cups Heavy Whipping Cream
1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk
½ Teaspoon Cinnamon
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
2 Cups of Chocolate Chips
5-Ounce (or bigger) Crockpot

Mix all ingredients in crockpot on low setting. Stir Well. Cover for 2 hours while stirring occasionally. Once everything has melted together, the hot chocolate is ready to serve. Garnish with your favorite topping. We recommend marshmallow fluff!


2. Games for the Kids

If your kids don’t like playing in the snow, it’s always fun to have an indoor snowball fight. Have everyone collect their pairs of white socks. Make sure each pair is bundled up into a shape like a snowball. Set your indoor safety rules, build your forts (we recommend cardboard boxes) and let the throwing begin!



Or if there is work that needs to be done around the house, make up some games that will encourage your kids to clean up their messes. Put painters tape in shapes on the floor and say whoever sweeps the most into their shape is the winner of the game.

If there is a lot of cleaning to be done, make a bracket where the winner of the most games is the winner in general and they get to pick how you will spend your snow day after the house is clean. Another game you could play is who can put away the most toys left out in under 5 minutes. Call out the time remaining and the kids will be more excited about the count down.


3. 2018 Vision Board

Another creative task would be to collect all of the magazines from around the house and create a vision board for the new year. Find images and words to describe exactly how you want the rest of 2018 to go. When you’re finished, hang up your masterpiece and look to it for inspiration throughout the rest of the year.


4. Indoor Spa

Before the snow begins, head to the grocery and pick up some self care items. Grab some face masks, foot scrub, lip scrub, and nail polish. Then once the snow comes and you don’t want to leave the house, let the relaxation and pampering begin!


5. Family Room Theatre for Movie Night

After the fun of the day is over, get everyone together to transform your family room or living room into a theatre for the night. Gather up as many pillows and blankets as you can find. Make the popcorn, and pick out a movie you’ve never seen before. Turn the TV up and start your new movie!