Steps to Buying a Home

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Thinking about buying? We've broken down the process of purchasing a home into 8 easy steps to follow!

Contact us when you're ready to begin your journey to owning a home. We will be there for you every step of the way.


Steps to buy

Step to Buying:

1. Needs and Wants. We will provide the basic information to get you started and work to establish your needs, including neighborhood, school district, amenities, and more.

2. Pre-Qualify. Once your qualifications are determined, we will need to gather your financial information and get a lender pre-approval letter ready.

3. Home Search. Next, we will begin a search on the MLS, creating a list of prospective homes to choose from. We will visit the properties that best fit your search criteria.

4. Make an Offer. When you've found your property, we will work together to submit a fair offer by using recent comparable sales to assess the home's value.

5. Negotiation. When the offer terms are finalized, including closing date and price, the offer can be presented to the listing agent and we will begin to negotiate.

6. Review Process. When the contract is agreed upon by both parties, it's time to focus on the standard contingencies, including inspection, appraisal, and mortgage commitment.

7. Walk Through. Before closing, we do a walk-through of the property to give you a final look at the home and confirm any repairs that were agreed upon in the inspections.

8. Closing. Closings take place at a title agency selected by the seller's attorney. After all documents have been signed the property is conveyed to you and you are officially a home owner!